Saturday, June 19, 2010

William A. Davis 1866

William Hunter Davis had two sons.   The oldest, William Albert Davis, pictured at right, was born 11 September 1862.  At that time, his father, William Hunter was in the 5th Georgia Cavalry, Company B.  My first hint that my ancestor was a Confederate cavalryman was in a letter my grandpa wrote to help my mom out with a college assignment.  She needed to write a biography and lucky for us she chose him.  While he got the regiment and company wrong, it led me to look for William Hunter Davis in Georgia cavalry units.  Service records show William H. Davis joined the Chatham Light Horse in February 1862.

Back to the photo-- the pencil inscription on the back says "W. A. Davis  (about 1866).  There is no tax stamp on the back, so it was probably taken after they were no longer required