Saturday, December 1, 2018

W. Hunter introduces Aunt Henrietta

William Hunter Davis has done it again. His photograph in my family album led me to his Civil War story. (See the video at )  Then, his photograph in my tree caught the attention of a distant cousin who introduced me to a 3rd grand-aunt I never knew about.

When I  posted his photograph on I received a message from a gentleman who informed me that he had the exact same photo of William Hunter Davis in his family's collection. The connection? William Hunter Davis' aunt was Henrietta Davis, a third great-grandmother of my newly found cousin. She is gorgeous in the 1860s era photo my cousin emailed me.

The best part of the new connection? A new potential name and locations for William Hunter Davis' grandfather, who I've been seeking for years. His name is William Washington Davis of Charleston and he comes perhaps from the part of Virginia which became West Virginia.

I've been trying to smash through this brick wall for years. This is only a clue, but I'll take clues. Henrietta, dang glad to meet you!

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