Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Graham Women Finally Get Some Attention

As soon as I think I don’t know any more about Annie Rebecca Graham Davis, I then rediscover information that’s been sitting under my nose.  I knew I had census records showing her living with younger son Bart in Louisville, Kentucky in 1900 and then living with her older son Will in Montgomery, Alabama in 1910.  

But, I FORGOT that I had photographs of Annie’s mother and sister! Again, it pays to just go back and review photos and records, especially as one continues to learn more from other research.

Here is one photo from the Armstrong-Davis photo album that appears to be of Annie’s mother. 

The oldest writing on the photo says “Grandmother Graham, Grandmother of W.A. Davis.”  
The caption that looks to be in my mother’s handwriting states:  “Mother of Rose Graham Davis who is mother of William Albert Davis and Bart Davis.” 

My mom may have gotten the name “Rose” from a copy of Annie's photo.  I’m guessing my grandfather (George L. A. Davis) may have made this error.  Another copy of Annie's photo is labeled in a different hand (I’m guessing by my great-grandfather W. A. Davis):
Annie R. Davis
Mrs. Wm. Hunter Davis
The Mother of W A Davis
Born Annie Rebecca Graham

Many records (Marriage certificate, census records, city directories) support that her name was Annie.

The other find is of Annie’s sister.  It doesn’t indicate the name. 

On that back is written
“A Merry Christmas to my dear sister and all” in rather distinctive back-slanted handwriting.

Underneath, another hand labeled it: 
Sister of Annie R. Davis
Aunt of W.A Davis
(of NY)

Annie was born in New York.  The incorrect use of the name “Rose” could be a clue to another name in her family, possibly her sister or her mother.  This could be useful in census searches.  If the sister never married she could turn up, and possibly lead us to a hometown in New York.

So many research leads!  So little time!

I also thought there was a bit of a family resemblance between mother and daughter:

I see it in the nose and possibly the eyes and mouth.

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