Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cute babies!

So this week we go from rather serious looking women to...BABIES!  What's amazing is that the men I knew as old guys--grandpa, uncles-- were once cute little babies.  So here they are with some after and before shots.

George L.A. Davis
Baby George

William A. Davis, Jr.
Baby William A. Davis, Jr.

Will, Jr. is my great uncle.  But I never knew him.

William A. Davis, Sr.
Will Davis, Sr. as 4 yr old (1866)

Will Davis, Sr. was my great-grandpa.  Someone who I never met.

Cecil Davis

Albert Davis (Unk)

I'm not finding the baby pictures of Uncle Cecil and Unk.  But I know I've got them.  Unk looks almost like a baby in this teenage picture.

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