Saturday, May 24, 2014

More babies!

Time for the girls now.  These are girl cousins of the Davis brothers.

Annie Josephine Davis
This photo is labeled Annie Josephine Davis.  She is the daughter of John Bart Davis, who my mother new as Uncle Bart.  He was the brother of my great-grandfather William A. Davis.    Annie was named for her grandmother, Annie, and her mother, Josephine.  So Uncle Bart must have thought highly of his mother.  Being the youngest of the family, he may have inherited some of the family photos and artifacts and perhaps he passed that down to Annie Josephine.  I don't have any information on her besides this photograph.

Kathleen Clark
Next is Kathleen Clark, daughter of Marion Armstrong Clark who was my great-grandmother's (Florence Armstrong) sister.  My mother tells me that Florence lived with her family in the early 1940s.  She was very senile at the time and would talk a lot about "Marion."

You'll see in both the photographs, that these young children are both holding props.  In Annie Josephine's case, it's a cat!

Unfortunately I don't have pictures of them as young women.  As a researcher, finding out more about these cousins could possibly uncover more information about our shared ancestors - Benjamin Armstrong, Eliza Ferguson Armstrong, William Hunter Davis and Annie Rebecca Graham Davis.  The cousins descendants might have information and photographs that I don't have.  Again, more research leads, so little time!

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